When we are born, the mere process of birth is a trial that some do not succeed.  We are destined to experience trials as we continue in life. Much of our success in life is dependent upon how we “manage” the obstacle set before us.   Our perspective, drive, and inner strength has a significant impact

The Power of Forgiveness

From birth, we grow and will encounter people or situations that will affect us in positive and negative ways.   As we mature, many of these experiences will have an impact on our perspective in all aspects of our lives.  Some will be positive.  Some will be negative.  In most circumstances, the negative will be etched in


Anytime one goes outside a committed relationship, there are many losses for all parties involved.   The one committing the act may not realize the severity of the destruction that is being brought upon the relationship for temporary gratification.   In many of these situations, the reasons are driven by various emotions including selfishness, immature, avoidance, unresolved


When we are born, it is inevitable that we will suffer various forms of grief at various times during our lifetime.  This is a part of living.  Grief can have a very serious impact on how we live.  It is important to process through our grief and not avoid it.   Avoiding the inevitable can seriously


(False Evidence Appearing Real, unk author) Fear is a common emotion that limits you without the need of an actual reason.  We all suffer from fear at various times throughout your lifetime.  It can be so overpowering that it stops you from achieving your dreams. Many do not realize that they can manage this “feeling” and achieve great things