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Fear is a common emotion that limits you without the need of an actual reason.  We all suffer from fear at various times throughout your lifetime.  It can be so overpowering that it stops you from achieving your dreams. Many do not realize that they can manage this “feeling” and achieve great things despite fear.  

Fear is a significant component in your health.  Many people with poorly managed fear, develop anxiety.  Fear of the unknown can become a psychological cage in which one chooses to remain despite an open door.  

Fear is an emotion that will impact one’s choice to be a victor or a victim.

Fear of the unknown and “what ifs” have crippled even the most faithful.  

Many are afraid of leaving the comfort zone or what has been told to them, “safe zone”.  Many successful people will tell you, “I Am successful because I refused to give up.”  

When asked about fear, they would say that they went on working towards their goal and eventually reached it.  Ralph Waldo Emerson says, ”do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”  

Go on to achieve and succeed despite your fear.  Focusing on the goal keeps you invigorated and less distracted by fear or anxiety. Many people die without ever accomplishing even one of their dreams due to fear.  Let that not be you.

There is a saying in the church, “let go and let God”, this is a comforting phrase in which you are to persevere through your trial or challenge anyway.  Go with the comfort knowing that you will succeed because you are backed by the Almighty.  Whether you are religious or spiritual, when you are focused, your drive is limitless despite challenges that may present in your path.  

Many will say, I know the universe will provide or I know that God is backing me.  Others may say I have the blood, love, and support of my ancestors. Many of us, including atheists believe in some sort of “higher energy” that guides us and drives to accomplish our dreams.  

When encountering the fear, we challenge it and stand on faith that we will succeed.  Faith and belief are weapons against any fear.  Stand on those and challenge the fear with action and you will be victorious.

Whenever fear presents its ugly head, stare it down, acknowledge it, and do what you fear anyway.  You will never know what you can do if you stop yourself.  

Living is experiencing new opportunities, trying new things, appreciating past success and failures, and enjoying the present.  You are a lifelong student.  Learning and loving are kinetic in nature.  They are continuous and constantly in motion.

When working towards a goal, you are required to be in motion.  Fear halts the motion and the growth.  More people are defeated by fear, the fear in the mind more than an actual fear.  Growth results from the challenging the fear.  Stagnation, paralysis, anxiety, needless worry, complacency, jealousy and envy are a few products of fear.  

Focus on what you desire to accomplish and do it with your full heart.  Once accomplished, the fear diminishes and your desire to new things grow.This is the true secret of living and loving and not just existing or surviving.  Louis & Boone said,

Be victorious. 
Be brave. 
Be encouraging.  
Be so focused on your journey, you forget to be afraid.  
Be so in love with you that when you look in the mirror, you are proud of your reflection. 

Fear only has the power you give it.  Claim your power and see how high you can go.