Kameelah L. Ellis, MSN NP-C – Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker
Embracing Life Changes, LLC

Kameelah L. Ellis is the certified Coach and Wellness Counselor at Embracing Life Changes, LLC, which she founded in November 2018. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare as an emergency room Registered Nurse and now Nurse Practitioner, she has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience with emotional wellness, physical wellness and physical health

Kameelah specializes in coaching individuals and training companies on the application of emotional intelligence, so that they can develop effective coping skills with the every changing stressors that come with life. As a wellness counselor she helps support person with Diabetes to lower their AIC, improve their overall health and understand how to live a good life even with diabetes. She has a knack for dumbing down diabetes.

Kameelah knows first hand about overcoming difficult, life-altering events, and sudden loss of loved ones and adjusting to a new way of living. From experiencing her mother’s death before her 18th birthday to going through the heartbreak of her first husband’s death leaving her as a young single mother, her experiences uniquely prepared her as a compassionate and optimistic individual, nurse and coach. Her strengths are also visible in her many achievements, such as being the first to graduate college in her family, raising an accomplished daughter and being the first bilingual in her family.

Kameelah believes in providing care and support for the whole person by treating them as well as educating them so they can be active-progressive participants in their own lives. She empowers individuals to “Say Yes to their Better Self!”

Welcoming her as your coach and wellness counselor means welcoming empathy, compassion, candor, determination, optimism and support into your world. She embraces challenges as a natural part of life and is committed to helping you to evolve into a stronger human being no matter what. Kameelah strives to elevate herself and rise above any circumstance; she infuses that same energy into those she works with by empowering them to love their authentic self.

Today, Kameelah celebrates life with her husband and three children.