When we are born, it is inevitable that we will suffer various forms of grief at various times during our lifetime.  This is a part of living.  Grief can have a very serious impact on how we live.  It is important to process through our grief and not avoid it.  

Avoiding the inevitable can seriously become a defining moment in our lives in whether we choose to live as the victim or the victor.  This is even more important in dealing with perceived loss.  This can psychologically trap us into being a victim for our lifetime without recognizing that we have chosen the “victim” role.

Research has shown that events tracing back to our childhoods are carried into adulthood.  These unresolved or mismanaged events impact our decision making in our adolescence into our elderly.  

We may suffer from many physical and psychological ailments that cannot be linked to a medical cause by medical personnel.  

Many of us are not fans of counseling for one reason or another.  Counseling maybe the very treatment we need to help us to not only manage but heal from the past trauma, loss, or life altering event. Some of our fears can be traced back to these pivotal times during our earlier years.  

Once we realize what is occurring, we have an obligation to connect with resources to help us to begin the process of healing.

Our desire to love and be loved is a powerful ally in healing and truly living.  It is natural as a human being to desire relationships.  We are naturally inclined to another for various reasons.  

Healthy relationships require healthy participants.  This is mandatory in all types of relationships.  Whether the partnership is professional, sexual, platonic, or familiar, it is most beneficial when all involved are healthy and mature.  

They are living as victors and not as victims.  These connections impact all aspects of our lives.  Many of the various partnerships are interrelated and interdependent upon the other. 

For example, discord in the professional link and grossly affect the partnership at home and vice versa.  Our desire to resolve the obstacles in a healthy manner and to be willing to do the work can significantly influence not only our current liaisons but our future ones as well.

As it has been stated in the earlier passages, how one chooses to deal or not deal with grief will tremendously impact their future decision making.  We will either consciously or subconsciously decide to live (victor) or survive (victim) in this life.  

Our victories will become our testimonies.  

These can be our ammunition that strengthens us and builds our confidence, belief, resolve, and love of self.  Remember we cannot choose our grief, we can choose how to survive and live a life of love, abundance, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.  

Remember the healing begins with being able to do all of these things for ourselves individually.  When we are able to accept ourselves, it is much easier to be able to do this for others.   

We survive experiences.  

We live on purpose.