When we are born, the mere process of birth is a trial that some do not succeed.  We are destined to experience trials as we continue in life. Much of our success in life is dependent upon how we “manage” the obstacle set before us.  

Our perspective, drive, and inner strength has a significant impact on not only our survival but the ability to “live” afterward.  As with development, you learn new ways and develop different strategies in response to the challenge set before you.

Your path is not my path.  My path is not your path.  You cannot compare your path to another because your destinies are not the same.  Your strengths or skills that need to be sharpened are not the same.  

Your path is just that, YOUR path.  

Some may appear to be more difficult than others.  You do not know the struggles of the next person, nor do they know yours.   

Everyone is an individual with an individual purpose.  The goal is to find your purpose.  Embrace your journey and use it to help another.  Individually we come together as a collective in order to make a universal change.

We all have trials, challenges, obstacle, and tribulations.  These are a necessary part of existing.  Survival is dependent upon the response to these “opportunities of growth”.  

Living, not just existing is dependent upon how we manage these times.  Essential attributes of life include change and growth.  Although existing involve these attributes, how you live is greatly affected by your ability to embrace these and build.  

Remember your normal can change at the blink of an eye.  

Embracing, acceptance, and adaptation of the new normal is a skill that many do not develop until later in life when they realize how much time was wasted.  Learn this while in your youth and your youth will last so much longer.

The challenges we overcome become our testimony.  

They become the ammunition of our armor that build of belief systems.  Positive management of our “rites of passage” builds self-confidence, belief in oneself, and faith.  With these qualities, we are not only empathetic but also compassionate and open to the differences of others without judgement.  

Embrace, Empathize, Love and Grow.  

Challenges are our friends, not enemies.