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  • Mindfulness for Students
    News about the negative impacts of social media and our current lifestyles on kids of all ages is appalling (see the top of the infographic below).  Levels of anxiety, depression, and suicide among young people have risen astronomically. While therapy may be what’s needed for some, many can benefit from beginning a mindfulness practice to […]
  • How to Live to 100 (Or At Least Improve Your Chances)
    “Imagine a Ms. A – a wellness junkie who dutifully attends her trampolining and Pilates classes several times a week, eats five or more servings of fruits and veggies a day, watches out for saturated fats, avoids sugar, and has never smoked. Now imagine a Ms. B – an overweight couch potato who loves cookies […]
  • How Mindfulness Can Support You In Times of Uncertainty
    The recent events around the globe have thrown us into an unprecedented state of uncertainty.  It seems that no one can plan anything because we have no idea what tomorrow, much less next week or next month, will bring. This uncertainty can create anxiety because we have seemingly lost our ability to control many aspects […]
  • What I Learned from the Masters on Mindfulness, Healing & Stress Reduction
    With all the craziness going on in the world today (and ‘today’ could refer to now or 100 or 500 years ago), it’s easy to get caught up in the madness and lose our sense of ourselves.  The monkey mind picks up on the changes it sees and starts screeching because it hates changes.  It […]
  • How to Lower Stress and Anxiety Using Your Unique Learning Style
    Given the need to focus on various forms of technology to get our jobs (and just about everything else) done, it’s more and more difficult to unplug and get in touch with natural things (which lower stress and anxiety).  Being “plugged in” most of the day and evening creates a subtle agitation in our nervous […]
  • How To Improve Your Life Using the Law of Attraction
    There’s a lot of hype (and mystery) out there about what the law of attraction is and how it can change your life.  After reams of research and real-life experimentation, I’ve figured out what’s real and what you can ignore.  In this article, I’ll highlight some of the key concepts of the law of attraction […]
  • How To Find The Therapy You Need
    When readers leave comments here on Simple Mindfulness asking for help or advice, I do my best to share what I know that may help.  In some cases, that’s enough.  In others, it’s clear that the reader needs more in-depth help than I can offer in a comment.  In those cases, I frequently recommend that […]
  • The Mindful Guide to Sleeping Better
    We could all use more sleep.  Most of us are pushed to keep going, going, going to produce more, more, more.  Sleep is usually portrayed as some kind of necessary evil, to be reduced to as little time as possible. While it’s “common knowledge” that we all need eight hours of sleep a night, there […]
  • How to Find Your Happiness In the Most Unlikely Place
    Society programs us from birth that whatever we have or achieve and whoever we are is never enough.  We’re subconsciously sent on a never-ending quest to accumulate more and better things, find better relationships, make ourselves different and “better,” achieve more goals, more, better, more, better… Every time you achieve your next goal, you’re happy […]
  • How To Be Happier by Expressing Your Authentic Self
    We all want to be happy.  One of the best ways to be happy is to be yourself as often as possible.  When you express yourself from your heart, you feel good. But how often do you act the way you think other people want you to act, stifling your True Self?  How often do […]